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How do we communicate?
Communicating with us is very easy and without much cost. You are free to use our Phone, Fax and Couriers at any point.
What is the file size which we can upload on FTP?
There is no quota for the ftp account. It’s unlimited and can be created at our own server.
Upto what file size can the attachment be sent through mail?
Upto 10MB attachment is fine through mail. In case of the bigger attachment than 10 MB, it is better to upload the files to FTP. Please send us a mail at to request for the FTP account details.
Can I mail the paper originals?
  Yes, you can mail your paper originals from any country directly to our New Delhi address.
What kind of turnaround time is expected?
The turnaround time could be as low as 8 hours for your query; this is only in case of time difference. In case the timing is within our official working hours, we can get back within 1 hour or so, depending on the need of the client. You will also get a response from us within that time, at the most on your mail.
Do you follow your own CAD standards or those which we prescribe?
We set up CAD standards as furnished by the client. However in absence of prescribed standards we use default standards conforming to OSHA Rules, AIA, AISC, BS or ISO guidelines.
How can payment be made?
Payment can be made by wire transfer to our bank account from anywhere in the World. Please free to contact us for the Bank details as and when it is needed.
How different does the drawing look if done offshore?
We produce the same drawings and standards provided by you and the drawing is the same if not better.
Do you spell-check your drawings?
We not only spell-check but also proof read the drawing after a check plot is taken.
What about security of data?
We take all the precautions to protect the data, both soft & paper data files generated in the course of a project. We use, DLT drives for physical data back-up and that too are preserved at a different location to make the data secured as a part of disaster management. Upon completion of the project, original paper drawings, files can be returned or put in the Electronic vault for future use, if any.
Are these services permissible / taxable under law?
These NET enabled IT services are covered under WTO agreement signed by more than 110 countries around the Globe. These services are freely importable and free from customs duties or local taxes. You may ask us any query in this regard, please let us know for further clarification.
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