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Company Overview

Company Overview

Caliber Tech: Best Structural Steel Detailing

Since 2005, Caliber Tech Solutions® is a preferred partner for EPC companies, Engineering companies and steel fabricators to provide for structural steel design and detailing services.

As a result of our strong analytical capability, we get into the depth of all structural steel design and detailing projects.

Most importantly, we follow all the processes of project management for our steel design and detailing projects. Therefore, our remarkable turnaround time is well appreciated by all our clients.

We value our clients as partners because we strongly believe in client satisfaction which is our motto. Therefore, we deliver hi-quality design drawings, calculations, connection designs and detail drawings in the fastest possible schedule.

Caliber Tech Solutions has worked with 12+ countries like Japan, UAE & other Middle East countries, Europe, Australia, North America and Canada and South Africa, for instance.

Why us

  • Quality: Caliber believes in long term relationships with its clients which is possible only when we deliver Quality services.
  • Faster turn around: At Caliber, our clients love our turn around time for both communication and project delivery.
  • Infrastructure: Our investment in infrastructure helps us maintain both the quality and our faster turn around.
  • Experience: Team Caliber has experience and exposure for all kinds of steel structures.